Scarborough ADS-B Tracker


The flight tracker is located just 3 miles south of Scarborough, this is a fairly new project and is undergoing changes frequently so this site may not be accurate, I will try to update the site when anything signifcant changes.


The current server is using PiAware so I am currently only feeding FlightAware however the plan is to switch over to another OS and use Dump1090 to feed multiple sites.

You can find the full stats on my FlightAware feed here

Once up and running using dump1090 I will have a live map on this site.


My ADS-B tracker currently used PiAware and runs on a Raspberry Pi Model 3, the receiver used is a NESDR SMArt made by NooElec in the US.

The antenna I am using is a Nooelec RaTLSnake M6 v2 and it is installed indoors on my office windowsill.

Due to the indoor antenna location, range is very low, rarely picking up signals more than 90NM away.

My plan is to eventually purchase an outdoor antenna and mount it on the roof somewhere, possibly on the chimney. Once this is done I hope to receive signals 200NM away.